Create your free Facebook chatbot

Use the ChatbotsBuilder platform to build a free bot for Messenger - in less than 5 minutes

Facebook Messenger chatbots are one of the greatest inventions in social media marketing in the past years. Being able to create a system that can automatically respond to users in a chat platform millions (actually, billions) of people already use daily, answering questions and leading visitors through specific marketing funnels can be an invaluable tool for converting more prospects, acquiring more leads, building stronger bonds with customers and, ultimately, increasing sales and revenues - with little or no additional effort.

It ain’t easy, and it might not be cheap

Creating chatbots is not an easy task though. The most direct way to build a bot is to code it from scratch, learning how to integrate it with the Facebook APIs and then using a programming language such as PHP, Python or Java to write the code that will actually interact with the Messenger platform, intercepting messages sent by users and then replying following the rules defined in the algorithm that’s been implemented in the source.

Phew, that was a mouthful even writing it. An alternative solution is chatbots builder platforms, just like this one we have created here at ChatbotsBuilder. This is where the fun begins, especially for agencies or marketers like you that do not want to spend hours learning how to write apps in node.js or craft API responses containing JSON objects (what…?) and at the same time already have clients who would greatly benefit from such a powerful, effective and direct social media marketing tool (and if their customers are happier, their bank account becomes bigger and they end up being happier too, and that’s what we are here for). 

Anyway, using a platform for creating Messenger bots is most likely the best solution - unless it’s too expensive. These kind of softwares are usually very complex to build and target larger agencies/enterprises and so very often smaller clients with more limited budgets but equally important needs, projects and dreams end up having to pay hefty fees - or avoid building a chatbot altogether.

And that’s a real shame since creating a simple bot with complete functionalities but maybe a limited number of replies and triggers without having to invest a ton of money (actually, investing ZERO dollars!) often means being able to show customers what this new social media marketing tool can do, creating such a desire that will make the client finally decide that yes, it’s time to spend a bit more and create a full fledged, structurally complete and incredibly effective Facebook Messenger Chatbot - that you and your agency will be able to design, build and get paid for quite easily… ;)

A free Messenger chatbots builder

So, this is why we decided to build our system in such a way that whoever needs to quickly create a simple yet complete and effective Messenger chatbot can do it with the tools we have developed - for free.

Yeap, we offer all our users the option to register on the platform and create a fully functioning chatbot without entering a credit card or paying any fee and, especially, without any branding or message from us and with pretty much all the bells and whistles we have added to the builder. This will give you an immediate way to experience what it means to implement and deploy a chatbot for a Facebook page - without spending a dime, especially before your customer has approved and defined a budget for the project you have proposed him.

If you haven’t done it yet, follow the hundreds of agencies and professionals who have already registered on the platform, sign-up and build a chatbot for free - you will not regret it, and you’ll see how happier you and your bank account will soon be!