Customer Chat Plugin + Live Agent Chat

Let's go in-depth on the Customer Chat Plugin + how to enable live agent chat on your chatbots to increase even further conversions and results




In this webinar we talked about two very interesting and powerful topics:

  • the Customer Chat Plugin - that is, the feature from Facebook that allows you embed a Messenger popup in any page of your website so you can easily integrate your chatbots and allow also visitors t your web pages to engage with it
  • our Live Agent Chat system - a powerful system to stop a chatbot when a user wants to engage with a live agent so he can take over the conversation while blocking or suspending the bot

Bot these features are extremely powerful as they allow you to reach more people (everybody that visits your site will have access to your chatbot, without the need to visit your Facebook or Messenger pages) while helping you screen leads, check the interaction they have already had with your contents and respond with a live person with the right words, updates and suggestions - so conversion rates skyrocket while time, energy and money spent is optimized for maximum ROI.