Chatbots + Zapier = more leads and revenues

Build powerful sales and marketing automation tools integrating your chatbots with Zapier

Zapier is an extremely powerful tool for integrating different digital marketing and productivity apps together, chaining them together and then using each one strengths and specialities to build a complex and very effective system for collecting leads, receiving and storing data and engaging more and better with users, prospects and customers.

Marketers are using it for example to receive data from web forms and send it to Mailchimp, create Trello cards as emails are parsed or automate replies and messages on platforms such as Slack or Messenger.

As chatbots become an increasingly powerful and complete marketing channel and tool, here at ChatbotsBuilder we decided to create a full, complete and straightforward integration with Zapier, allowing all our users to collect data from a bot and then send it to any app that has a Zapier integration, from popular apps like Google Sheets, Trello, Slack and Mailchimp to special yet very useful ones such as Buffer, Drip or ScheduleOnce.

The beauty of Zapier is that as you can see in their list of available integrations they really have a ton of possibilities and combinations - so the results you can obtain with your mixes and recipes are truly limited only by your fantasy and imagination. In this page you will see a couple of examples that we came up with, but you are more than welcome to send us your “zaps” and we will gladly share it with our audience.

Send a chatbot form data to Google Sheets - and more

One of the most common and useful things a bot built with the ChatbotsBuilder platform is used for is collecting leads and data. We have a very handy tool for doing that - the “form” reply type - and so the most natural integration with Zapier is this feature, firing a trigger every time somebody fills a form on a chatbot.

So, as you can see in the video you find in this page, a nice and useful complete “zap” we have built has these steps:

  1. A user fills a form on a chatbot (we used one from our sample web agency bot)
  2. The data is collected and saved in a Google Sheet
  3. A Slack message is then posted in a specific channel
  4. The user that originally filled the form receives a confirmation message, directly on Slack

While this is a sample application, you can immediately see its use case and a few key elements of it:

  • You can easily collect and store data
  • You can even parse this data, for example creating a coupon with a custom short link and linked to a specific email address (or any other data entered in the original form)

Each integration works “both ways”: you can get _out_ of a chatbot built with ChatbotsBuilder but you can also _send_ data to a user who is chatting with a bot - always automating everything with Zapier

Create a Trello card when somebody is tagged with a specific tag

Another powerful marketing feature you can use on ChatbotsBuilder are “tags”. Basically you can specify a list of tags for each reply you create on the platform and when somebody receives and triggers that reply - he is immediately tagged with those labels.

This feature is very handy because it allows you to create some laser-focused marketing automations on the system - but also because it’s another starting point for a Zapier automation. And this exactly what we are going to use in our next “zap” - a simple yet very interesting one:

  1. We will select a chatbot page and a specific tag that will activate this zap
  2. When a user triggers a reply containing that specific tag a Trello card will be created in a specific list, with all the user details

The cool things about this example are:

  • You can use tags to fire specific events - this allows you to be extremely targeted in the kind of messaging/offer/communication you will send to a user
  • You have access to a very ample and interesting amount of data for each of the users who engage with your chatbots
  • You can use this data through all the integrations you will build - for example we saw in this automation that the title of the Trello card was composed using the first and last name we received from ChatbotsBuilder


As we mentioned before, these are just some very easy and quick examples of what can be done using ChatbotsBuilder integration and triggers on Zapier. You can increase the complexity and variety of apps you will use - but rest assured that the simplicity will stay the same!