Mailchimp + chatbots = more leads!

Use the ChatbotsBuilder Mailchimp integration to automatically start collecting email addresses and leads - on Facebook Messenger

mailchimp integration on chatbots builderCollecting leads is very often the primary goal of any marketing strategy for online and offline businesses: from landing pages to ads and SEO campaigns, from QR Codes to couponing and other promotional activities, the first, magical step that starts a mutually profitable business relationship is getting the prospect to hand you the permission to connect and engage with him. This means recording a phone number to use in SMS marketing or direct calling, saving an address to send some direct paper mailing, being authorized to use a Facebook account to engage with on Messenger, or - as it has happened almost since the dawn of the Internet - collecting an email address where (hopefully) carefully crafted messages can be delivered, offering value and convincing the user to proceed in the marketing funnel that was prepared for him.

Of all the medium mentioned above, email is still the most used and popular among online experts: while chatbots are skyrocketing but not yet fully understood and utilized by the wider public and other tools such as SMS marketing still have a decent following and yield good results but are being slowly displaced by instant messaging and chat, the ease of use, pervasivity, affordability, completeness and overall ROI of sending email messages to selected prospects still makes it the “weapon of choice” for millions of Internet marketers worldwide.

Being one of the oldest and most used marketing mediums, email also has the widest selection of online platforms for automating, creating and managing campaigns - platforms that scores of professionals and business owners have learned to use daily such as ConstantContact, Drip, Aweber and many more. Among all of these choices, when it comes to general email marketing Mailchimp is definitely one of the most popular tools: with literally millions of website owners and online marketing experts using it, a quite intuitive user interface and a very reliable infrastructure, it is extensively used for sending newsletters and email communications to prospects, informing them of new products and usually convincing them to spend some more time, energy and possibly money with us.


Introducing Mailchimp + ChatbotsBuilder: the perfect mix of tradition and innovation, right at your fingertips

If you are one of the many Mailchimp happy users and you rely on this little monkey to manage your email marketing campaigns or plan on doing so, you have one more reason to be a happy camper: here at ChatbotsBuilder you will find the most complete, fast and easy integration between chatbots and Mailchimp.

All you have to do is enter one of your API keys, select the list you want to connect to the chatbot you are working on, quickly map the questions your bot will ask to the fields in the list you have selected and… voilà! In a couple of seconds you have connected the form you have created on the platform to a specific list on Mailchimp: from now on every time somebody “fills” this form on Messenger he will be automatically and seamlessly added to your contacts, ready to receive your communications and proceed in the funnel you have crafted for him.

Just imagine the power this will put in your hands: while the prospect easily and quickly answers questions on Facebook Messenger, directly on his smartphone or while chatting on a Facebook page, his data is automatically collected added to Mailchimp, allowing you to target him whenever you want, knowing that he already has engaged with the bot you have created and thus being able to craft an offer or message that has an even higher chance of “converting” him. You can use this for hotels, restaurants, web agencies, beauty salons - but also for professionals or social media experts that want to start engaging with their prospects on Messenger, telling them more about their services while seamlessly acquiring a way to contact them at any time, with the usual powerful Mailchimp tools they already use.

The “chatbot + Mailchimp” integration is included with all the chatbots you can create on the ChatbotsBuilder platform - no special plans, additional costs or any strange requirements: just register for free, build your chatbots and start sending leads to Mailchimp, with a couple of clicks!