Chatbots + e-commerce: more engagement, more sales

Social commerce is the "holy grail" of marketing: being able to directly close a transaction right there and then, when the lead is hot and engaged with our story and with what we want to sell him is ideal for all the businesses that offer products or services online.

Chatbots add a powerful ingredient to this mix: conversations. As you know, a bot can greatly improve the engagement of a prospect, ask him questions, provide answers, guide him through a path of discovery and interest and - yes - now even allow him to close the transaction and buy whatever he was looking for right there in the chat, without ever leaving the Messenger platform.


The ability to do this is especially important for businesses that sell products usually bought by impulse - which, if you think about it, are what the majority of items sold on Facebook and social media are: t-shirts, hats, jewelry, books, courses and so on. So, as you can imagine this feature is extremely effective on Messenger: just imagine somebody chatting with your bot, asking questions and receiving details and informative answers about, for example, your t-shirts or latest hand-made earrings or necklaces. At that point all your chatbot has to do is answer with a simple message - something like "Click below to buy your necklace now" - and that person will definitely proceed with the purchase, after he has been engaged so well and spent so much time and emotional energy into the build-up to this moment.

This is the true power of social commerce: building automated systems that can take care of all of the steps in the marketing and sales funnel, from awareness to interest and close. Here lays the revolutionary elements of these new tools: if with a regular website or an app you can usually focus just on a limited set of processes in the path from discovery to conversion, with automated marketing and sales agent you can put in place a mechanism that greatly increases conversion rates because it can take care of a much more ample slice of the buyer journey, optimizing interactions and conversion rates.


In this video I will show you how you or your clients can immediately start selling any kind of product - books, courses, food, t-shirts or anything else they want - using a chatbot. And it will take less than 5 minutes.