Chatbots Builder - first webinar

The first live hangout with the team and the founder - tips, tricks, answers and ideas to become a master chatbots builder


Building chatbots is not easy and even if we tried to make our platform as simple, straightforward and effective as possible I am sure you still have questions, doubts and you might be missing tips and tricks to use it at its best.

So we have decided to start a weekly hangout every Thursday: an online meeting with the team and the founder, Silvio, where you will find special instructions, answers and tips straight from the Chatbots Builder guys.

For the first session of our webinars we have given a quick overview of the platform - just to make sure we are all on the same page - and then went a little bit more in-depth on two quite interesting topics: forms and the JSON search (you'll see how cool and easy this is to show contents from remote databases to your users).

After this, Silvio answered two specific questions we received from users in the past weeks:

  • how do I "link" a specific chatbot reply, for example from Facebook Ads or the Customer Chat Plugin?
  • how can I show again the contents of the "Get Started" message to a user that has already chatted with a bot?

P.S.: hey, it's almost Christmas so we have a very special offer for you at the end of the hangout - make sure you don't miss it! ;)