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Facebook Messenger is one of the platforms most commonly used today all over the world to communicate, chat and share experiences. More than 1.2 billion people use Messenger every day, getting information and chatting with friends, clients, colleagues and brands.

Messenger is a communication channel that companies and businesses of any size are beginning to use massively, getting leads and sales much more immediately and conveniently than using AdWords, paid ads or traditional advertising channels.

One of the main reasons for these results and successes are Facebook Messenger chatbots. A chatbot is a "virtual operator" that can respond automatically and programmatically to requests from a user, guiding him through a path that naturally and "natively" brings him to the business objectives: acquire a new contact, qualify a lead, receive detailed information or even complete a purchase.

Chatbots are, however, complex products, which must be integrated with the Messenger APIs and autonomously deal with unpredictable scenarios and situations, trying as much as possible to respond in a reasonable way and always keeping the user within the path that has been defined. Creating an effective chatbot on your own can be quite a challenge, especially for medium-small businesses that do not have large budgets or resources to invest and, above all, have many other daily priorities to address and resolve.

Yet these types of businesses are the ones that could benefit the most from the rise of these "virtual assistants" on Messenger: just imagine the chatbot for a restaurant that could provide direct information on business hours, menus, location, or bots to professionals, doctors, dentists, massage therapists, beauty salons - they could not only provide photos and descriptions of services but even autonomously receive and manage bookings requests, exponentially increasing leads, sales and revenues without any additional effort from the business owner.

This is the reason why we decided to help our customers create complete, measurable, goal-oriented and effective chatbots - for any type of business and any size and volume of traffic.

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