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Facebook Messenger Bots

Chatbots for Messenger are the next fronteer of digital entrepreneurship: social selling and conversational marketing are the new, powerful and ultra-effective tools used by the smarters marketers to engage with prospects, answer their questions and guide them through the discovery, interest and purchase funnel.

With a Messenger bot you can:

  • answer questions from your users 24/7, 365 days a year without ever having to worry about lost contacts
  • collect leads asking the most appropriate questions to your visitors, storing data and integrating your bots with the most common marketing tools like Mailchimp and Zapier
  • tag and contact prospects directly on Messenger, linking messages to specific actions to laser-focused and hyper-targeted
  • sell products right there in the Messenger chat, without ever asking your customers to leave the chat, offering the most seamless and natural experience available today on the Internet


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Here at Chatbots Builder we have created a platform to enable our users to easily create powerful Messenger bots that can be used for their own Facebook pages or that they can sell to clients - count that a basic bot that our partners build in less than an hour can be easily sold for at least $1,000, and usually much much more.

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